GoPro “threw” the battery, screen, and speakers out of the Hero10 Black and is selling it all for $500. Hero10 Black Bones for FPV drones unveiled

Earlier this year, GoPro said it was going to start producing more specialized cameras. It wasn’t very clear at the time exactly what the company wanted, but today it unveiled its first product as part of the new initiative.

The new product is called Hero10 Black Bones, and it’s partly the same as the well-known Hero10 Black. The essence of the novelty is that it is stripped of everything superfluous for the sake of specialization.

The Hero10 Black Bones is aimed at FPV drone owners, meaning it’s the camera that GoPro offers to attach to such drones. And that means the camera doesn’t need a screen, battery, speakers, or water protection. Anything that’s useless has been removed to reduce weight. As a result, the Hero10 Black Bones weighs only 54g compared to 158g for a regular camera. One might expect the price to go down, but no: Hero10 Black Bones costs the same $500 as the regular Hero10 Black.

Technically, of course, the camera is completely identical to the original. However, there is a very important nuance: to connect Hero10 Black Bones to your drone, you will need soldering skills. Or the desire to get them.

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