Google’s first smart watch was filmed live. Someone forgot the Pixel Watch American in a restaurant

A string of rumors that Google was about to unveil its first smart watch got a live confirmation – a lucky visitor to a U.S. restaurant managed to get a live look at the device and took these photos. Apparently, someone simply forgot the prototype of an important new product while visiting a restaurant.

According to preliminary data Pixel Watch (code name of the novelty – Rohan) was supposed to be a thin device with a round screen – everything is so. Alas, the watch was not loaded (the glowing logo is the maximum of what the prototype is capable of), so we can not assess the interface, but in general it should be made in the same minimalist way as the exterior. In the presence of Wear OS of the latest version can not be doubted.

The man who found the watch describes the bottom panel as “looks like metal, but to the touch it is covered with glass.”

The strap is attached directly to the case with some tricky mechanism, accordingly, the Pixel Watch is not compatible with straps for other devices.

How the Pixel Watch is charged is unclear. There are no special holes for this on the body is not visible, and the charger at the site of the discovery was not. The watch is likely to support wireless charging, but wired charging should also be implemented.

The Pixel Watch is expected to officially premiere at the Google I/O event on May 11. On that day, Google may unveil some other new products. For example, expect official details about the Pixel 7.

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