Google will revive Wallet

Google may revive the Wallet brand as the main section for payment cards, passes and loyalty cards on Android mobile devices.

Things are a little confusing with contactless payments on the Android operating system, mostly because of Google’s ever-changing strategy. In most of the world, Google Pay works through a separate app that manages contactless payments, as well as loyalty cards, tickets and passes.

Meanwhile, some countries, such as the U.S., Singapore and India, have a completely different GPay app that has a number of social features, promotions and a user-to-customer payment feature. This app focuses less on contactless payments.

Now there are reports online that Google is planning to revive the old Google Wallet brand, which was used before Android Pay and Google Wallet merged into the Google Pay service. Screenshots of the new Google Wallet are provided as proof.

The new Wallet will presumably include payment cards, loyalty cards, airline tickets, vaccination passports, and more. In fact, it will be a reimagining of how Google Pay works.

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