Google was fined 4 million rubles for fakes about the Russian Armed Forces and special operations in Ukraine

The company Google was fined 4 million rubles for disseminating in its video service YouTube inaccurate data on the losses of the Russian Armed Forces during the special operation in Ukraine and civilian casualties.

Judge Timur Vakhrameev read out the decision in the absence of a Google representative, who did not appear in court: “The court found Google guilty under Part 2 Article 13.41 of the CAO RF “Failure to remove information banned in RF”. It was sentenced to a fine of 4 million rubles.

The materials of the case mentioned video clips containing inaccurate data about the alleged SBU intercepts of telephone conversations between Russian soldiers and their relatives, where they report heavy casualties, as well as clips with information about the shooting of retreating Russian troops by barrier troops.

Russian courts regularly impose fines on foreign IT companies for refusing to remove banned content in the Russian segment of the Internet.

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