Google did not disclose any military facilities in Russia. No changes were made to Google Maps

Google denies that it has made changes to its satellite imagery of Russian military facilities: “We have not made any blurring changes to our satellite imagery in Russia.

Earlier reports surfaced that Google had changed the status of Russia’s military and strategic sites in its Google Maps service. Numerous sources claimed that after the latest changes by Google, it was possible to see a number of secret Russian military facilities in detail, including a nuclear ammunition storage facility, a flight test site with the latest Su-57 fighters, an intercontinental ballistic missile launching position and an airbase. After that, the images quickly went viral on social media.

But Google claims that it has never hidden these sites, and their high-resolution images have been publicly available for years. Google has previously blurred satellite images of certain territories, in particular areas of Israel and the Palestinian territories. The company is also known to blur satellite images of some important sites, probably at the request of national governments.

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