Google cancels Google One subscriptions in Russia and Belarus

Google’s Russian users are facing a new problem – cancelling Google One subscriptions. The company has already started sending out warning emails.

They report that Google One subscriptions will soon become unavailable because “payment processing from your region is not currently taking place.”

Recall that since March 10, the Google Play payment system stopped working for users in Russia. But Russian users were left with a loophole that allowed them to continue paying for a subscription – with Google One on iOS it was possible to charge money from their cell phone account.

Now users who paid for their subscriptions this way have begun to report emails from Google about canceling their subscriptions. And the letters are received by both those who bought a monthly subscription, and the owner of the annual variant. Judging by the online comments the annual subscription is canceled even for those who have a linked card from which Google may well charge money. Similar messages are coming from Belarus.

The dates in the warning letters vary. After the date specified in the letter, the user will be left with a free 15 GB.

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