General Motors is the first automaker to finally withdraw from Russia

Automotive concern General Motors is finally leaving Russia, according to Kommersant newspaper, citing its own verified sources.

The company has sent out a notice to dealers to stop supplying cars and parts and is firing employees from its Russian office. Earlier, the company had temporarily suspended its operations in Russia, but no final decision has been made. Now General Motors will become the first foreign automaker to permanently withdraw from Russia after the start of the special operation in Ukraine.

In recent years, General Motors Corporation has cooperated with the Kaliningrad-based Avtotor CJSC, where it produced cars under the Chevrolet and Cadillac brands. During the first three months 266 Chevrolet cars and 162 Cadillacs were sold in the Russian Federation. Also General Motors owns car brands Buick and GMC. General Motors is closely cooperating with a number of companies, sharing markets and making joint development of cars and engines.

The reason for General Motors’ departure was a special operation in Ukraine that began on February 24. On March 11, “luxury cars” from the United States were banned from importing into Russia.

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