Funny IT memes. We’re amused by something others don’t understand

The IT world is full of inside jokes, i.e. jokes understandable only for a specific group of people. Something that makes IT specialists laugh will not necessarily be funny to others. Okay, so what makes us laugh?

Funny memes / Photo by Raoul Droog,

The most fantastic memes and jokes from the IT world can probably be found on the group I am lazy programmer, which is located on LinkedIn. We encourage you to join if you haven’t already.

And now let’s move on to memes. Something funny to start with? Make it this:

It seems that commentary will be unnecessary here – and so let’s leave it at that.

Now here’s something from a different angle:

IT departments actually spend a lot of time and effort making individual systems secure. And then comes a user who has no intention of remembering even one master password for the password manager. So he puts the corresponding text file with the password on the disk, or preferably at hand – on the desktop. And how to live here?

With this I think everyone will agree:

Yeah, I don’t think anyone uses this feature when disconnecting flash drives or even external drives.

Because IT is all about teamwork:

And here we have a simple reason for why programmers always use dark graphics themes:

The whole truth about the cloud (don’t tell anyone):

Point of view depends on point of view…. well, specifically it depends on your position:

Some people will never get along:

What applications will you find in every junior’s portfolio? Certainly these:

That’s the way it is in IT:

We hope you found at least some of the memes funny. Or even funny. Have a great weekend!

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