Fraudsters swindle money under the guise of Sber-Spasibo shares

The press service of Sberbank of Russia has warned of a wave of fraud that has begun – users are being swindled out of money under the guise of various contests and drawings within the SberSpasibo program.

One of the most popular schemes now is as follows. An intruder calls or texts in a messenger and offers to take part in a “survey from Sber. In return, the client is promised bonus points from SberSpasibo.

Before the survey begins, the victim is advised to deposit as much money as possible onto the card, since the bank will allegedly credit the bonus account with an amount of bonuses equal to the card balance. After the recharge, the client is asked for his card number and then entered on one of the online transfer and payment services.

As a result, the client receives an SMS with a code that the fraudsters trick him into believing it is needed to credit the bonuses. In reality it is a one-time password, which, on the contrary, confirms the charge from the card.

The deputy chairman of Sberbank’s board explained:

In order not to suffer from such a scheme, all information about promotions for Sber clients should be double-checked only with official sources. If the bank’s official resources do not write anything about the contest, refuse to participate. But most importantly, do not give your card number to strangers and do not give one-time codes from SMS to anyone under any circumstances.

All current offers and promotions from SberSpasibo are available on the project website.

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