Framed SUV Haval H9 has become the most expensive Chinese car in Russia. Popular Geely Tugella and Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max are in the top 10 most expensive Chinese cars

The resource “Chinese cars” published a rating of the most expensive cars from the Celestial Empire in the Russian market. “Antilider” was a large frame SUV Haval H9 with starting price a little less than 4 million rubles. In top configuration the car costs 5.3 million rubles – with 218-horsepower turbocharged gasoline engine, automatic transmission, all-wheel drive and various off-road options.

Haval H9

In second place of the top 10 most expensive Chinese cars in Russia is the most powerful “Chinese”: Exeed VX with a 249 hp engine and “robot”. Its price is 4,9 million rubles, and it is already taking into account a discount. On the third place of a rating the model which has headed the previous rating – GAC GN8. For a 7-seater minivan with a 190-horsepower turbo engine and an “automatic” they ask 4.2 million rubles.

Exeed VX


The ranking goes on as follows:

4th place. The Great Wall Poer pickup truck, which has risen by 54% to 4.15 million rubles since February;

5th place. Geely Tugella crossover coupe for 4 million rubles with a 237-horsepower engine and an automatic;

6th place. Exeed TXL crossover with 186-horsepower 1.6 turbo engine and robot for 3.9 million rubles;

7th place. Chery Tiggo 8 Pro Max for 3.8 million rubles;

8th place. The large GAC GS8 crossover, which went up in price by only 20% this year. The top version costs 3.6 million rubles;

9th place. Haval F7x, which is offered in the top spot for 3.5 million rubles;

10th place. Haval F7 for 3.43 million rubles.

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