First Tesla Model Y electric crossovers with “biscuit batteries” sent to customers

Last week, Elon Musk pompously opened the Tesla factory in Austin, Texas, and today the factory-assembled Model Y electric crossovers have already shipped to customers. What makes them special is that these Model Ys are equipped with so-called “biscuit batteries” – cells of type 4680. Back in February, the company reported production of one million of these batteries, and now cars with them are already out on public roads.

The 4680 format cells have replaced the 18650 and 21700 format cells. The energy density of traction batteries based on 4680 cells has been increased to 300 W/kg and they provide a 16% greater range than previous generations of traction batteries.

Interestingly, Tesla began shipping with standard versions of the Model Y, while the company typically ships Long Range versions – with increased range and more power – first.

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