Epic Games and Lego create a metaworld for children of all ages

LEGO Group and Epic Games have announced a long-term partnership to create a metaworld that is safe and fun for children and families. The companies have promised to create “exciting, creatively inspiring and engaging digital experiences for children of all ages to enjoy together.”

As the meta-universe evolves, it’s changing the way people interact, play, work, learn and interact in a virtual three-dimensional world. Epic Games has a track record of creating creative tools and engaging worlds that are open and accessible to players and developers around the world. Epic is committed to empowering developers to create age-appropriate online games, and in 2020 acquired SuperAwesome, a company that developed technology designed to provide safe digital interactions with children under 16.

For 90 years, the LEGO Group has inspired generations of children with the endless creative possibilities of LEGO cubes that remain the foundation of its business. The company is a leader in defining safe digital games for children.

LEGO Group and Epic Games have agreed on three principles that ensure that new digital spaces provide safe opportunities for engaging games:

  • Protect children’s right to play by making safety and well-being a priority;
  • Protect children’s privacy by putting their interests first;
  • Provide children and adults with the tools to empower them to manage their digital experiences.
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