Elon Musk will not, however, join Twitter’s board of directors

Such a turn of events was not expected by anyone. It turns out that contrary to earlier reports, Elon Musk (the richest man in the world and Twitter’s largest shareholder) will not join the company’s board of directors, which at first seemed almost certain.

Such information appeared on Sunday on one of the blogs of Parag Agrawal, who is the CEO of Twitter. He writes that the decision was made by Elon Musk himself, after Twitter offered him to join the board of directors as soon as possible after buying almost 10% of its shares.

At first, it seemed that Musk would agree to it and such an appointment was a matter of days. Some speculated that Musk would be officially co-opted into this body later this week. However, Musk was said to have informed Twitter’s chief executive two days ago that he was not accepting the offer, without giving any reason as to what prompted his decision.

In a surprising post addressed to Twitter employees, Paraga Agrawala also wrote, “I believe this is for the best. We have and will always value the contributions of our shareholders to our company, whether they are on our board or not. Elon is our largest shareholder and we will remain open to his suggestions.”

Shortly after Agrawal announced this news, Elon Musk posted a Twitter post containing an emoji showing a face with a hand over the mouth, but without attaching any comment to it. So the matter is mysterious and there has already been a lot of speculation on the Internet trying to predict what Musk’s next step will be in his efforts to redefine the function and mission of social networks.

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