EK Water Blocks has a waterblock ready for MSI Trio and Suprim RTX 3070 Ti graphics cards

EK Water Blocks has introduced the EK-Quantum Vector² Trio RTX 3070 Ti D-RGB – Nickel + Plexi waterblock designed specifically for the MSI Trio and Suprim RTX 3070 Ti graphics cards. It belongs to the category of fully coated waterblocks and removes heat from the GPU, memory chips and power subsystem components.

According to the manufacturer, “the appearance of the next-generation waterblock is dominated by minimalist straight lines.” In the third-generation Vector’s “engine,” the plate with coolant channels is augmented by a flow-distributing plastic insert. The waterblock is based on the time-tested Open Split-Flow scheme, which is characterized by low hydrodynamic resistance, allowing to use the waterblock together even with small pumps. The coolant is routed to the secondary components by the internal bridge. This solution allows to provide their cooling without affecting the GPU cooling.

The plastic terminal is attached directly to an 11mm thick copper base to simplify the design and increase reliability. The transparent plastic cover serves as a diffuser for the backlight on the addressable LEDs.

The waterblock is compatible with the proprietary EK-Matrix7 “standard” in which product heights and port spacing are made in multiples of 7 mm to simplify designing and assembling a neat liquid cooling system from compatible components.

The waterblock is complete with a black anodized aluminum plate that is attached to the back of the PCB. A nickel-plated plate is available as an alternative, but will have to be purchased separately.

The EK-Quantum Vector² Trio RTX 3070 Ti D-RGB – Nickel + Plexi waterblock costs €239.9. The EK-Quantum Vector² Trio RTX 3070 Ti Backplate – Nickel will cost you 44.9 euros.

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