EaseUS makes managing Windows partitions easy

EaseUS is an alternative and free software to Norton Partition Magic. Useful, though obviously not for all users.

EaseUS / Photo: Own materials

EaseUS, specifically EaseUS Partition Manager, is a great partition management application. It can easily resize or move partitions without any data loss. You can also easily create new partitions, delete partitions and format partitions.

EaseUS offers you to preview the properties of disks and partitions existing in your system, or to copy or – if necessary – hide them. This is a useful application especially if you share your computer with other users.

The tool also supports devices working in RAID mode, and the disks themselves can be from 2 GB to 2 TB in capacity.

However, the free version of the application is very limited – this is worth taking into account if you have high requirements. Especially if you are interested in Linux formats, which the free version will not support.

It is worth adding that the program will also allow you to migrate data, for example, from HDD to SSD. This is useful when we replace the data carrier with another one.

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