DTT technology reduces the performance of the game system with the Arc GPU by half, and sometimes more

The first tests, of which, unfortunately, there are still very few, show that the younger Intel Arc A350M discrete graphics card significantly outperforms the GeForce MX450, but falls measurably short of the GeForce GTX 1650. However, judging by the new data, the Intel card could be much faster.

One owner of a brand new Samsung Arc A350M laptop has discovered that disabling Intel Dynamic Tuning Technology results in a huge performance boost. We are talking about 100% and sometimes more!

Dynamic Tuning Technology is analogous to AMD SmartShift and Nvidia Dynamic Boost, that is, this technology is responsible for distributing power between CPU and GPU to optimize power consumption. Apparently, this feature is not working optimally at the moment, reducing the power limit very much. Moreover, if you carefully look at the screenshots, it will become clear that the limits are being cut for the CPU, not the GPU. With DTT disabled, the CPU starts running at much higher frequencies, although it consumes more power and gets warmer. More tests are needed to fully understand the problem. In addition, it is desirable to conduct them on different laptops to understand where the problem comes from.

Anyway, so far this is very good news for both Intel and consumers, as the Arc graphics cards are probably potentially much more powerful than all the previous tests showed. Of course, it is more correct to talk about better performance of the whole system and not specifically graphics cards, but in general it is more important that users will end up with a much faster gaming platform.

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