Drivers will be allowed to watch TV in unmanned cars. New traffic rules are about to be adopted in the UK

The U.K. is planning to update the rules of the road. People using cars with unmanned driving systems will now be allowed to watch TV on built-in screens.

The new rules state that drivers must be prepared to regain control of their vehicles when needed. The first use of autonomous driving technology is likely to be when driving at low speeds on highways, such as in traffic jams.

The planned code changes are expected to go into effect in the summer. However, the use of cell phones while driving will remain illegal. Unmanned cars are currently banned on U.K. roads, but the first self-driving cars could be ready for use as soon as this year, the Department for Transport (DfT) said.

The updates proposed after a public consultation were described as an interim measure to support early adoption of the technology, with plans to implement a full regulatory framework by 2025.

The source also writes that users of unmanned cars will not be held liable for accidents. Instead, insurance companies, rather than individuals, will be responsible in many cases.

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