“Does the Truth Bite the Eyes?”. YouTube removed all videos featuring Rogozin from Roskosmos Media channel

Dmitry Strugovets, head of Roscosmos State Corporation’s press service, announced that YouTube had removed all videos featuring Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin from the Roscosmos Media channel.

“YouTube removed from the Roscosmos Media channel all videos featuring Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin: his interview, recordings of his participation in sending humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass, and his visit to the Vostochny Cosmodrome,” Strugovets wrote in his Telegram channel.

As the head of the press service specified, a total of about 20 videos were removed from the channel with a total of about 5 million views. “That’s all there is to know about free speech the American way,” he added.

Strugovets later added that some of the videos with Rogozin are still available, with YouTube also starting to block videos without the head of Roscosmos. “For example, the recording of the Rossiya-1 broadcast about the American textbook on space, which completely ignores the achievements of the USSR in the development of near-Earth space,” the head of the press service said.

Meanwhile, Dmitry Rogozin himself has already responded to it. In his Telegram channel, he wrote: “American censors want to watch only what corresponds to their vision of the world. Well, we do have our own understanding of history. It is Russia that defeated the army of Napoleon, in which all the armies of the current European Union fought against us. It was Russia that built the greatest superpower, the Soviet Union. It was the Red Army that took Berlin, defeating, as part of the Wehrmacht, all the armies and military factories of the present-day European Union, again assembled by the Third Reich. It was the Russian guy Yuri Gagarin who was the first man in the world to conquer space. Does the truth prickle your eyes?”

And next, Dmitry Rogozin published a video clip for the song “Russians” of his own composition. “The author of the music is my friend, a Kazakh talented musician with a Russian heart, Ilyas Autov, the words are mine, and the choir that sounds in the song are the guys from Baikonur,” Dmitry Rogozin wrote. You can watch the clip at this link.

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