Counterfeiting won’t go away. Goods from the list of parallel imports will be sold in Wildberries

The online store Wildberries allowed to sell goods from the list of parallel imports on its site. Also, the company said it was taking measures to prevent the possible appearance of counterfeit products on the marketplace.

Wildberries supports allowing parallel imports and believes that this measure will support both consumers and entrepreneurs. Our online platform is open to cooperation with all merchants whose products are sold in accordance with national legislation.


Sellers are required to have all the necessary permits to sell goods and provide them not only to the site itself, but also to customers if they ask for them. Wildberries can apply sanctions to sellers when violations are detected, up to and including blocking them from the site altogether.

Wildberries actively cooperates with major Russian and international manufacturers in order to prevent fakes from appearing: “Also sellers can independently resolve claims arising against each other regarding, for example, copyrights – we provide them with all the contact information they need.

As a reminder, last week the Cabinet of Ministers approved a list of goods for parallel imports that can be imported into Russia without the permission of the right holder and bypassing official dealers. The list includes more than 50 categories of goods of such brands as Apple, Cadillac, Nintendo, Rolls-Royce, Sony and others. The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that this is a forced decision, which will allow to saturate the domestic market amid the fall in imports to Russia due to sanctions.

The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that the companies whose products were on the list of goods available for parallel imports have not yet asked the Russian side to be removed from the list. It is assumed that changes in the list will be made every quarter or every two months.

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