Continental resumed Russian tire production

The Continental plant in Kaluga, which temporarily suspended tire production at the beginning of March, has resumed operations. The source writes that the stoppage was due to the fact that the warehouses had accumulated a large stock of finished products previously produced for export.

The press service of Continental Kaluga said that Continental Group continues to ensure the shipment and sale of tires to Russian buyers in full compliance with the terms of contracts.

Production is being launched in order to replenish stocks of finished products and meet current demand in the primary and secondary markets. The production plan will be promptly adjusted depending on the changing needs of Russian car manufacturers and distributors, as well as taking into account the logistics situation, the availability of raw materials and other objective factors affecting the production cycle.

“Continental Kaluga.”

The production capacity of the plant is 4 million tires per year with prospects for expansion up to 16 million. The plant currently employs more than 1,000 people. In 2015, the Continental plant in Kaluga began exporting, including to Europe, Asia and North America.

Reports surfaced last week that Russian passenger car tire inventories exceeded the annual market, reaching nearly 61 million units.

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