“Citylink wants to launch its own production of goods

Mikhail Slavinsky, general director of Citilink, said during the opening ceremony of a logistics center with a showroom in St. Petersburg that the well-known retailer specializing in electronics and home appliances plans to set up its own production of goods.

We have now agreed that we will work out options for interaction and alignment of production. Perhaps something will come out of this. But this all has to be counted. Of course, if there is an opportunity, we will consider and implement it.

Michael Slavinsky

At this stage, Mikhail Slavinsky did not specify what kind of products Citilink was planning to produce or how long it would take to set up production. Kirill Soloveychik, chairman of the St. Petersburg Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade, confirmed that the city authorities had discussed its production plans with the company, but he also did not go into detail.

Next week Citilink will start accepting applications from Russian manufacturers who want to present their products in the showroom. Today the share of Russian goods in the retailer’s assortment is about 10% of 150 thousand items.

Mikhail Slavinsky added that there are no global failures with the supply of goods, and also stressed that the stock of goods is sufficient. There are even products from brands that have left Russia.

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