Chevrolet models may stay on the Russian market even after General Motors leaves

General Motors is finally leaving Russia first of the automakers

Vadim Artamonov, executive director of Keles Rus, said that Chevrolet’s mass-produced models may remain on the Russian market after General Motors closes its representative office in our country. “Keles Rus is the official distributor of Chevrolet, representing Spark, Nexia and Cobalt models on the Russian market.

Vadim Artamonov clarified that General Motors’ Russian office has never been involved in Keles Rus, so the future prospects for mass-market Chevrolet models do not depend on its closure.

We supply cars to Russia from the production sites of UzAuto Motors in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, whose activities are determined by Chevrolet’s head office. As part of the sanctions regime against Russia, back in early March, it decided to suspend deliveries of Chevrolet mass-model vehicles and spare parts to the Russian market until further notice. It is currently unknown when deliveries may resume, but this decision is definitely not related to the closure of the General Motors office in Russia.

Vadim Artamonov

Sales of Chevrolet mass segment cars resumed on the Russian market last June after a nearly five-year hiatus – as part of a special agreement between General Motors and UzAuto Motors. The Chevrolet Mass Segment lineup in Russia is represented by three models – the compact Cobalt and Nexia sedans and the subcompact Spark hatchback.

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