Changan, one of the leaders in the Chinese car industry, enters the European and North American markets

China’s Changan has announced it will open subsidiaries in Europe and North America and build two or three car plants outside of China PRC by 2025. It is worth recalling that 38.8% of this company is owned by the Chinese authorities.

In what countries exactly are planning to build factories is not yet known, the Chinese media suggest that Changan cars will be produced in Europe and America. Since 2016, the company opened its own design studio in Turin, Italy. The studio was founded by Italian Luciano d’Ambrosio, who left Changan after eight years as chief designer and founded his own company, LDA Design, maintaining ties with the Chinese car industry.

Changan plans to sell 2.45 million vehicles this year, an increase of 6.5% over the previous year. 1.86 million cars will be produced under Changan brand, and the rest will be Oshan, Lumin, Kaicene, Avatar and Shenlan.

The Shenlan brand was founded a few months ago, the first model will be the Shenlan C385 electric sedan, which was shown as a Changan-branded concept car last fall. A production version is expected to be shown in the near future.

Changan wants to unveil 36 car models this year, including 19 under the main brand.

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