Bubble AM is a good way to integrate remote workers

As long as online meetings don’t take place in metaverses, employees can run a simple browser game. This will quickly improve the atmosphere and is a great ice breaker when there are a lot of people in a meeting, in addition to those who don’t interact very often.

Bubble AM / Photo: Own materials

For online integration we recommend the game Bubble.am. It is so simple that even people who do not play games will quickly grasp the rules. What is it all about? Each player is a ball that “eats” other similar balls. The more balls we eat, the more we grow in strength and become bigger.

Bubble.am is an arcade game and available for free in a web browser. We have to eat other balls, and at the same time not let our rivals… eat us. Control is very easy, the rules are simple and the game itself provides a lot of fun. Especially that we can use different strategies and be clever.

We use the mouse to control, as well as the spacebar to distribute the mass and W and E to give it away a bit. Bubble AM is a perfect game for e.g. brainstorming meetings, when we want to introduce a looser atmosphere and have a little joke before moving on to discuss specific services or products. We recommend it to everyone!

At the same time, we remind you that equally interesting games are Elden Ring or MahJong. Not necessarily for an online meeting, but they are certainly titles, for various reasons, loved by IT professionals.

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