“Breaking the Communications Blockade. Subscribers in the DNR and LNR received the Russian code “+7”

Russian Deputy Digital Development Minister Dmitry Kim confirmed that mobile subscribers from the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics (DNR and LNR) have received Russian numbers with the prefix “+7”.

As of May 7, DNR and LNR subscribers automatically switched from “Ukrainian” prefixes “+38071” and “+38072.” When making calls and sending SMS-messages their phone numbers will be shown as Russian, with prefixes “+7(949)” and “+7(959)” respectively.

Replacing the code numbering of DNR and LNR subscribers on calls to Russia is a step towards simplifying life. Such code numbering for residents of these territories is a logical continuation of the implementation of previously signed agreements[oncooperationbetweentherepublicsandRussia[осотрудничествемеждуреспубликамииРоссией

Dmitry Kim

The DNR communications minister added that it is possible “to make calls not only on the territory of the republic, but also beyond its borders. The communications minister of the LNR stated that this was “a breakthrough in the communications blockade.

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