Bitcoin continues to fall. The rate dropped to $33,500

The rate of the major cryptocurrency has already fallen to the level of last July. On Friday the price of bitcoin fell from $39,000 to $36,000, yesterday the rate dropped to $34,266 in the moment, and this morning for one coin was already given about $33,500.

Predictions by experts who said the bitcoin’s support zone was the $36,000 to $38,000 range have not been confirmed. The rate continues to fall due to a large number of sellers who, in a panic, are trying to minimize their losses.

Over the past week, the rate has already fallen 12% and the market capitalization is $644 billion. For many investors there is now a great option for investment, but judging by the dynamics of the rate, sales still dominate the purchase of bitcoin.

Observers estimate that the new low could be around $30,000.

Ether (-12% for the week), Solana (-15.5%) and other coins are getting cheaper along with bitcoin.

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