Because of what may begin the third world war. Rogozin believes that such a reason would be the use of anti-satellite weapons

Roscosmos CEO Dmitry Rogozin believes that a third world war could begin if any country uses anti-satellite weapons on another country’s vehicle.

One has to keep in mind that the destruction of someone else’s spacecraft is World War III. That is, it is casus belli unequivocally absolutely.

Dmitry Rogozin

He also criticized the U.S. proposal for a moratorium on anti-satellite weapons testing. As a reminder, the United States announced a halt to anti-satellite missile tests, calling on Russia, China, and India to follow suit. Rogozin said that the U.S. has already conducted the necessary tests and completed them, adopted such systems and now “pretends to be a dove of peace.

Dmitry Rogozin also suggested that humanity will soon live in a world where weapons of mass destruction in space will become a reality. The United States already has such developments: its classified X-37B mini-shuttle can carry both reconnaissance vehicles and weapons.

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