“Avtovaz could not find components for the assembly of all Lada models

Renault sells Avtovaz: only Granta, Niva and Vesta may remain in Lada lineup

As has been repeatedly reported, Avtovaz has decided to take a corporate vacation from April 4 to 24, using this time to restore its supply chain.

Unfortunately, sources confirm that this time was not enough to find the necessary electronic components to assemble all Lada models. Today, AvtoVAZ will launch all three lines in Togliatti and Izhevsk.

So far, components are ready for several days of work for all models, except for Niva, for which ABS sensors have not been found. This information is confirmed by several sources familiar with the factory’s plans.

The Avtograd news public relations group has obtained Avtovaz’s production schedule for the week that begins today, April 25. Now we know the exact number of cars planned to be produced over the next few days:

  • 1,228 marketable Granta cars.
  • 563 Niva Travel cars
  • 2,639 marketable Largus, XRAY, Logan, Sandero cars
  • 1,023 Vesta cars

A total of 5,453 vehicles of various models are scheduled for production at the two plants (in Togliatti and Izhevsk) between April 25 and 29. The Lada Niva Legend will not be assembled.

Remarkably, the share of the new Lada Vesta is only 5.5% or 56 cars of the 1,023 Vesta cars scheduled for production.

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