Avito has launched its own order pickup points

The team at the popular private classifieds service Avito has announced the opening of branded pickup points.

Pickup and shipping points for online orders through Avito Delivery are organized jointly with the logistics company Exmail.

The first 18 points will begin receiving and sending orders from April 2022 in twelve Russian cities – five in Novosibirsk, three in Krasnoyarsk, one each in Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Omsk, Kazan, Abakan, Tomsk, Irkutsk, Barnaul, Perm and Khabarovsk. Residents of these cities will have the opportunity to be the first in Russia to test the convenience and functionality of the new outlets.

The number of pickup points across the country is planned to increase every month by attracting partners. In honor of the opening of points of issue “Avito” and Exmail launch an action: during three months the price of delivery of the order through points Exmail will be only 9 rubles.

As the press service notes, “Avito” is the most massive platform for commerce in Russia, where about 80 million people interact. Service “Avito Delivery” allows not to be limited to a city or region when choosing a desired product, and make purchases throughout Russia. Goods are delivered to more than 1,100 cities and 21,000 settlements of the country.

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