Apple Watch will not become a monster of battery life, but the company will try to increase their runtime. WatchOS 9 will include power-saving features

While Samsung is preparing some kind of smart watch with a huge battery, Apple is going to improve the battery life of its watches in a different way.

According to Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman, watchOS 9’s operating system will introduce a new power-saving mode that will improve the Apple Watch’s battery life.

WatchOS now has a Power Reserve mode, which effectively turns a smart watch into a regular watch, severely cutting down on functionality. In the new version of the OS, there should be a power reserve mode similar to the one in iOS.

For watchOS 9, Apple is also planning a new low-power mode, which is designed to allow the smart watch to run some apps and functions without consuming much power. Currently, the Apple Watch in low-power mode, known on the device as Power Reserve, can only access time. The company also plans to update many of its built-in watch faces that currently come with the device

Simply put, with the arrival of watchOS 9, a number of native apps and features will become more power efficient. It’s an open question how much more battery life will be possible.

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