Android’s main messenger, Google Messages, “dries up” the battery of smartphones. What to do

The network has received complaints from users of mobile devices with the Android operating system about rapid battery drain and overheating.

It is noted that this is caused by a bug in Google Messages, the basic messaging app on Android smartphones.

The thing is that the Google Messages app has a handy option that allows you to quickly take pictures or videos and then share them. The option in the attachment menu appears as a live feed from the phone camera.

As enthusiasts suggest, a bug in the app keeps the live camera broadcast even after exiting the Messages app. This also confirms that the Android 12 camera usage indicator remains on after exiting Messages.

Google hasn’t officially acknowledged the problem at this point, so it may be a while before the company releases a fix.

Fortunately, there is an easy workaround for a temporary fix. If you don’t use the viewfinder feature in Google Messages, you can simply prohibit the app from using the camera on your phone.

This requires you to tap and hold the Google Messages icon to open the context menu, and select the “About” option, then the “App Permissions” option, and then select “Deny” in the “Camera” option.

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