Android TV 13 will reduce TV power consumption and bring advanced picture-in-picture mode

With the arrival of Android 13, many important new features are expected to appear on all devices that are part of the ecosystem, not just smartphones and tablets. Cars and TVs that use Google’s operating system are likely to get their share of improvements as well, among them reduced power consumption.

According to Mishaal Rahman, the Android TV 13 operating system will include a new low-power standby mode that will prevent certain features from running in the background when your smart TV is not in use.

When Low Power Standby is enabled, notifications are disabled and network access is blocked. This feature will be disabled by default in case you want to continue receiving notifications while your Smart TV is in standby mode.

Android TV 13 is also expected to bring advanced picture-in-picture (PiP) mode to smart TVs. In Android 13 TV, PiP windows can be set to less than 1 : 2.39 or greater than 2.39 : 1. In addition, even though Android TV does not support multi-window features other than PiP, Android TV 13 can add a “pseudo-divided screen” mode with advanced PiP windows fixed.

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