An unmanned cab “escaped” from the police, but still stopped after a few seconds. An interesting story happened in the U.S. with the Cruise car

An amusing situation happened the other day in San Francisco with an unmanned GM Cruise cab. The police decided to stop the car. Presumably, because the car was moving in the dark with its lights off for some reason.

The eyewitness filmed the video not from the beginning, but it is still obvious that after the police stopped the car, the latter decided to redeploy, drove sharply enough through the intersection, after which it stopped again, and partially occupying the adjacent lane. However, the car turned on its emergency signal.

Cruise had already responded to the situation.

To add details: our car obeyed the police car, then stopped at the nearest safe place, as it is supposed to. The officer contacted the company staff, for which we have a special phone number

There was no one in the car. Also, the fact that the Cruise unmanned car stands out strongly, both in its coloring and in the additional equipment on the roof, clearly made it easier for the police to understand the situation.

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