An autonomous satellite with lilac sprouts will be launched into space in Russia in August. Their growth can be monitored in real time

According to TASS, an autonomous satellite with lilac sprouts is scheduled to be launched into space on August 9 this year. The satellite has already been sent to be assembled and tested along with the rocket.

Scientists from the Belgorod region had planned to launch an experiment on growing lilac sprouts in outer space on the basis of a specially designed satellite back in 2021, but due to problems with the launch vehicle, it was decided to postpone the experiment until 2022.

During the comprehensive tests, experts will test the satellite and its impact on the rest of the devices that are used in launching the launch vehicle. As Ivan Nikulin, director of the engineering center of Belgorod State National Research University, noted earlier, scientists will use a satellite to send lilac sprouts, inside which the equipment developed for the project will be placed. During the experiment it is planned to compare the development of lilacs in space with a second group of plants placed in a similar satellite on Earth. In May, specialists from the engineering center will finalize an application that will allow them to monitor the growth of the lilacs sent into space.

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