“AMP helps Google further monopolize and control the Internet.” Brave Browser Declared War on Google’s Internet Accelerator

The Brave browser, created by Brave Software, a company founded by the former head of Mozilla, has decided to start a new battle with Google.

Last year Brave switched to its own search engine, and now the developers decided to declare war on Google AMP technology. Recall that AMP is a framework that has been dubbed the “Internet Accelerator. Technically, this is a library of JavaScript, which is proposed to use instead of other such. Thanks to Google’s own tools, it speeds up the loading of web pages.

However, according to the developers of Brave, AMP is detrimental to user privacy, security, and the Internet, and just as badly, AMP helps Google further monopolize and control the Internet.

To combat AMP, the creators of the browser came up with De-AMP.

Brave will protect users from AMP in several ways. Where possible, De-AMP will rewrite links and URLs so that users cannot visit AMP pages at all. And where this is not possible, Brave will watch for page retrieval and redirect users from AMP pages before the page is even displayed, preventing AMP/Google code from being downloaded and executed

De-AMP is already available in Nightly and Beta versions and will be included by default in future versions 1.38 for PC and Android, and will be released for iOS soon after.

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