AMD has introduced new processors for professionals and business laptops. Ryzen Pro 6000 in general is almost identical to the regular Ryzen 6000

AMD introduced Ryzen 6000 mobile processors back at the beginning of the year, now it’s the turn of their professional and business versions. We are talking, of course, about the Ryzen Pro 6000 series.

As always, the Pro models either differ very little from regular CPUs, or not at all technically. Recall, the Pro models are distinguished by a longer support from AMD.

The Ryzen Pro 6000 lineup includes just two power-efficient models and six high-performance models at once – everything is the same as with the regular Ryzen 6000. Except the names of some models are a bit different.

The parameters are generally the same, but there are still some minor differences in frequencies, and just there where the names do not coincide a bit, so there will be no confusion.

In addition, the Pro family has been added to the updated models of the previous generation on the Zen 3 architecture. AMD introduced three such processors.

As for the other data from the presentation, it’s pretty much the same as we saw during the announcement of the regular next-generation CPUs. AMD focuses on improved energy efficiency and tangibly increased performance.

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