Alternative Android 12 is available for more than 40 smartphone models, including Xiaomi and Poco. LineageOS 19 released

The team at LineageOS, one of the most popular unofficial firmware for Android-based smartphones, has announced the release of LineageOS based on the Android 12 operating system.

An impressive list of new features and improvements have been announced for LineageOS 19. The system component WebView for viewing web content in Android applications has been updated to version Chromium 100.0.4896.58. The volume bar, introduced in Android 12, has been completely redesigned, it has been implemented as a side drop-down bar.

The dark theme has been activated by default. There’s a brand new setup wizard with all new Android 12 style icons, animations and lots of new customizable pages, as well as a new default wallpaper and a complete new set of wallpapers to choose from – tailored to Android 12 Monet themes. There is support for custom charging sounds for different types of charging, wired or wireless.

Many improvements have been added to the Gallery, an app update tool, the LineageOS Jelly web browser, the FOSS Etar calendar app, the Seedvault backup app, LineageOS Recorder (call recording and voice recorder).

In addition, Android TV builds now come with an ad-free Android TV launcher, as opposed to Google’s ad-supported launcher. A key handler has also been added to support custom keys on a wide range of Bluetooth and IR remotes.

The list of supported smartphones in LineageOS 19 is quite extensive – it includes more models from a variety of manufacturers, from Google to OnePlus, Nokia, Asus, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Razer, Xiaomi and Poco. The developers are going to actively expand it;

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