Almost all be quiet! coolers now support LGA 1700

German PC component manufacturer be quiet! has announced that almost all of its air and liquid processor cooling systems now come with a redesigned mounting kit that provides full support for the Intel LGA 1700 socket. The company recalls that since last year users of be quiet! coolers have the opportunity to get a free mounting kit that ensures their existing cooler is compatible with LGA 1700. To do so, all you need to do is to provide proof of ownership of the compatible be quiet! cooler and motherboard or processor.

All Silent Loop 2 models will begin shipping with upgraded mounting kits this summer. The company will continue to offer individual LGA 1700 mounting kits to customers who need them. The Pure Rock Slim 2 will be redesigned to include an LGA 1700 compatible mount. The redesigned mounting system, which will become available in the coming months, uses a push-pin system.

The list of LGA 1700 compatible cooling systems includes Dark Rock Pro 4, Dark Rock 4, Dark Rock Slim, Dark Rock TF 2, Shadow Rock 3, Shadow Rock Slim 2, Shadow Rock LP, Pure Rock 2 and Pure Loop.

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