All PlayStation games priced at $34 or more will get a free trial. But only for PS Plus Premium subscribers

Sony, as part of its revamped PS Plus subscription, will offer game demos, among other things. They will be available on the senior Premium rate. And Sony has already obliged developers to take this aspect into account.

Sony has reportedly begun communicating with developers about its plans for trial versions of games for PS Plus Premium subscribers. Developers working on games priced at $34 or more are now required to create time-limited trials of their games. Such versions must offer a minimum of two hours of play. That is, demos, apparently, will have all AAA-class games and many mid-budget projects.

At this point, Sony is giving developers three months after the game’s release to run a trial version. Trial versions must also only be available to PlayStation Plus Premium users for at least 12 months.

Alternatively, Sony is willing to accept other types of demos not tied to a time limit, but the company will consider each such case separately.

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