“AliExpress Russia is cutting employees in “irrelevant” departments. The company has already laid off 40% of its staff

According to Gazeta.ru, citing a report in the Vedomosti newspaper, the marketplace “AliExpress Russia” began to cut employees “irrelevant” departments. At present the company has cut about 40% of the current staff, and the layoffs began a month ago. First of all, they affected the departments responsible for the company’s own purchases, which became irrelevant due to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

Although AliExpress Russia declined to comment on the situation, Vedomosti confirmed the information about the changes in the company to several employees who have already been made redundant.

The publication also noted that AliExpress Russia is not the only player in the market whose staff changed after February 24. In April, Ozon announced “project optimization,” which included the reduction of employees.

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