[AKTUALIZACJA] Extension of BRAVO and CHARLIE-CRP alert degrees – BRAVO nationwide

On 14.04. the Prime Minister signed orders introducing the second alert degree (BRAVO) on the entire territory of Poland and extending the duration of the third alert degree CRP (CHARLIE-CRP).
The introduced degrees are valid throughout the country until April 30, 2022 at 23:59.
So far, BRAVO was in effect only in Podkarpackie and Lubelskie regions.
CHARLIE-CRP stands for defense readiness, including implementation of business continuity plans after an attack occurs

Yesterday late afternoon (31.03), Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki signed an order extending, until April 15, 2022 at 23:59, the validity of the third alert level CRP (CHARLIE-CRP) on the entire territory of the country and the second alert level BRAVO in the Lubelskie and Podkarpackie provinces, i.e. bordering Ukraine.

As we read on the website of the Government Security Center, the alert degrees are primarily a signal to the services to be ready to act. CRP alert degrees address the threat in cyberspace. The CHARLIE-CRP degree is the third of four alert degrees specified in the Anti-Terrorism Activities Act. This degree is implemented when either an event occurs that confirms the likely target of a terrorist attack in cyberspace or credible information is received about a planned event.

The BRAVO alert level (second on a four-step scale) is introduced in the event of an increased and foreseeable threat of a terrorist event. This means that the services have information about the potential threat, and therefore the public administration is obliged to be particularly vigilant.

During these days you should pay attention to strangely behaving people, luggage left in public places, suspicious-looking packages or cars that are parked in unauthorized places. The police should be informed about each case. It is also important for the services responsible for safety to be informed about unusual situations which may seem strange to us.

The tasks of the state authorities related to the introduction of CRP alert degrees are defined in the Regulation of the Prime Minister of 25 July 2016 on the scope of undertakings carried out in individual alert degrees and CRP alert degrees. These tasks include:

– 24-hour on-call duty of administrators of systems key to the functioning of the organization and personnel authorized to make decisions on matters of security of these systems

– review of resources for potential use in the event of an attack

– preparing to put plans in place to maintain business continuity after a potential attack occurs, including shutting down servers quickly and without failure.

It is worth noting that despite continued attacks on IT infrastructure and threats from Russia (including the use of nuclear weapons against Warsaw), the fact that alert ranks have been kept relatively low, as well as Polish systems functioning without any disruptions, proves that NATO is working and Poland is still safe.

Source: RCB gov.pl

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