added support for quick replies to messages

Late last year, Google unveiled several new features for Android, including the appearance of quick replies in Android Auto, which it promised to add “soon.” A few months after the announcement, the feature became available.

Until then, the only way to respond to messages when using Android Auto was to dictate them by voice, but for years now, Android has offered “quick replies” that attempt to offer context-sensitive responses to your notifications.

Android Auto quick response support is already available for those using the latest beta version of the app (7.6.1215). When you receive a message and ask Google Assistant to read it aloud, Android Auto offers at least one suggested answer, usually ranging in length from three words to one emoji. With one tap, the answer is sent through your preferred messaging app.

There’s also a “Custom Reply” option above the suggestions, which lets you jump to a voice response instead of waiting for Google Assistant to read the entire message before asking if you want to reply.

This is a great addition to Android Auto that allows drivers to spend a little less time interacting with the system, as tapping a button is easier and faster than dictating an answer.

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