A whole new type of RAM. Dell introduced CAMM modules that could become the new industry standard

Dell has unveiled the Precision 2022 line of laptops for the model year, and there’s a lot to look forward to.

We should start with the most unusual. For the new laptops, the company has developed a new form factor for the RAM module. It is called CAMM (Compression Attached Memory Module).

The basic idea is to save space. One module actually combines two sets of memory chips, that is, it replaces two SO-DIMM modules. At the same time, the CAMM module is 57% thinner, and the dual-sided version can be characterized by a capacity of 128 GB. In this case, one module will replace four 32 GB SO-DIMMs.

Another curious detail is that the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB modules are rated at 4800 MHz, while the 128GB module will run at only 3600 MHz, which is very low for DDR5.

What’s interesting is that even though CAMM is a proprietary development by Dell, this form factor will not be exclusive to the company. The manufacturer notes that it created the format with Intel and various RAM manufacturers. The company believes CAMM could become a new industry standard.

CAMM modules will initially appear in Dell Precision 7770 and 7670 workstation notebooks by the end of this quarter.

As for the rest of the notebook’s parameters, we can highlight the yet unveiled by Intel itself mobile high-performance Alder Lake-HX processors with 16 cores in the top models. Also laptops can be equipped with GeForce graphics cards up to RTX 3080 Ti. The lineup includes the 17-inch Precision 7770 and the 16-inch Precision 7670.

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