A very unusual intel device with three processors and six RAM slots. A disassembly video of the VCA 2 gas pedal has appeared

Sometimes some products come on the market and we don’t find out how unusual they are until a few years later. Renowned overclocker der8auer bought an Intel Visual Compute Accelerator 2 and showed what this product hides.

True, this product was released back in 2017. Intel VCA 2 is a gas pedal aimed at cloud streaming video services, graphics processing and virtual reality. From the beginning it was known that this adapter is based on three Skylake generation processors with iGPU Iris Pro Graphics P580, which were engaged in video stream processing. But how it looks and how it is physically implemented, we can see now, when VCA 2 has long been withdrawn from production.

As you can see, the gas pedal with no cooling system looks really unusual. Three Xeon E-1585L v5 processors are placed next to each other, with one of them upside down. There are also two SO-DIMM memory slots on the board. The PLX chips are located there too. In fact, it turns out to be a tiny server motherboard for three CPUs.

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