A strange laptop that “breaks” in half to improve cooling. The Compal BreezePro concept looks extremely unusual

Today’s laptops are getting more powerful, but you have to pay for it with heat. The design with the case that lifts up when you open the lid has long been commonplace. But Compal specialists have come up with a new solution for even better cooling.

The BreezePro concept notebook, as you can see, can appear broken in its unfolded position. It looks as if its keyboard has partially detached from the case, and the lower part has even broken in half.

But that’s the way it’s designed. When the user opens the lid, there is a very large gap between the keyboard module and the case, which makes it much easier for air to enter. To keep the keyboard in its original shape and to prevent users from having to type on the oddly shaped device, the lower part of the laptop’s body breaks slightly in the middle. As a result, the laptop habitually stands on the surface, the keyboard retains its usual shape, and the cooling system gets a lot more air.

However, the question of convenience remains open, since after all, the keyboard block is mostly as if it hangs over the notebook, which can have a negative impact on the rigidity of the structure in this place, and thus on the convenience of typing.

In addition, such an impressive gap will easily allow not only air but also dust, hair and other unnecessary objects to get inside the laptop.

So far it’s just a concept, but in general in one form or another such a solution may appear on production laptops as well.

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