A special Opera crypto-browser became available for iPhone

In early 2022, Opera unveiled a new specialized version of its signature browser. The already well known standard Opera and Opera GX for gamers, is joined by Opera Crypto with a built-in crypto-purse.

Until now, Opera Crypto Browser has been available for Windows, macOS and Android, and now there is an iOS version. You can install it for free from the App Store.

The app is aimed at both experienced and novice cryptocurrency users, and one of its main uses is Web3. With the crypto browser, Opera plans to make using decentralized apps (dapps), games, and meta platforms easier and more convenient.

The browser features a news and data aggregator called Crypto Corner (“crypto corner”) with information about cryptocurrencies, including the latest developments in the field, prices of crypto assets and commissions.

Browser tools include access to decentralized exchanges, Web3-based NFT and gaming dapps. The built-in wallet supports Ethereum, Polygon and Celo.

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