A gas-electric hybrid SUV may appear in Russia

Concern Almaz-Antey has upgraded the unmanned modular electric platform, which was to serve as the basis for the E-NEVA electric vehicle, into a gas-electric one. Alexander Vedrov, the holding’s deputy general director for production and technological policy, told TASS.

Sketches of a potential electric car and hybrid from the patent database

“We are currently upgrading it (the platform) into a gas-electric platform. At the moment, the prototype is at the Obukhov plant (part of the Almaz-Antey Concern). Together with Vitaly Markelov [заместителем председателя правления ПАО “Газпром”] We agreed that in April we will present the finished sample. Next, we’ll think together with Gazprom, because we’ve developed and already supply them with compressed gas filling stations on a serial basis. Accordingly, the next step is the developed vehicle,” Alexander Vedrov said.

Recall, the unmanned modular electric platform was introduced by the concern in August 2021, and in December they announced the E-NEVA electric car based on it. What is the electric car (and potentially a gas-electric hybrid) E-NEVA? The Obukhov plant has registered with Rospatent an industrial design of the electric car of the “SUV” class and 7 more industrial designs of the interior and exterior of the electric car, such as the central console, multifunctional steering wheel, instrument panel, front and rear door interior, etc.

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