A far from record-breaking range, a steering wheel instead of a steering wheel, and a new four-wheel drive system. Lexus RZ unveiled

Lexus has fully unveiled its first electric crossover, the RZ, details of which originally appeared in February.

The new car is based on the Toyota bZ4X. And if no one tried to bring the Toyota crossover to any of the company’s usual general designs, the Lexus designers tried to make the RZ similar to the other models of the brand.

And it has touched interior, where there is almost nothing common with Toyota crossover. In the promotional materials you can see the car with a steering wheel instead of the usual steering wheel, but, as in the case of bZ4X, it will be an option.

The dimensions of the car are 4805 x 1895 x 1635 mm, i.e. it is not a small car. Wheelbase is 2,850 mm. The crossover has the same battery as the Toyota model, i.e. 71.4 kWh. The range is promised to be about 450 km (WLTP), which is slightly less than for the Toyota crossover.

The Lexus RZ will only be available in a twin-engine configuration. The power of the front electric motor is 204 hp, and the rear one has 109 hp.

Lexus is also emphasizing the new DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system, which should provide fast and linear response depending on the driver’s actions.

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