A 95-inch OLED panel, 8K and 120 Hz. BOE showed a TV of the not-too-distant future

According to a Chinese source, BOE has shown the “industry’s first extra-large 8K OLED display in the home market.” This is a prototype, no word yet on plans for mass production, but such TVs should appear on the market in the not-too-distant future. Even if at first at exorbitant prices.

The 95-inch OLED screen is reported to have a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels. Peak brightness is 800 cd/sq.m. It also supports 10-bit color representation and HDR technology, the color gamut is 99% DCI-P3 space. As for the frame rate, it is typical for today’s 4K TVs – 120 Hz.

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