A 120-inch laser TV with a price tag of more than $18,000. Hisense Laser TV 120L9-Pro introduced

Hisense has released the Laser TV 120L9-Pro, the world’s first, according to the manufacturer, 120-inch laser TV.

As with other Hisense laser televisions (and not only), it is more correct to talk about a laser projector and reflective screen. This is not the first such product in the manufacturer’s range, but it is the first with a screen of this diagonal.

Hisense marks 107 percent coverage of the BT.2020 color space, which is equivalent to 151 percent DCI-P3 coverage. The system also features Manhattan panoramic acoustics.

According to the source, to emphasize the luxury of the TV, the Hisense 120L9-Pro is made of North American black walnut, and gilding is used for a perfect blend of metal and wood.

The novelty is priced at about $18,300. Also available with the same name is the 110-inch model, and it’s more than half the price, $7,620.

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